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The Objects of The Institute

The Objects of The Institute

The object of the Institute is to promote the advancement of taxation and taxation
practice in the country. To achieve its object, the Institute is mandated by the Chartered Institute of Taxation Act, 2016 to

  1. Regulate the practice of taxation in Ghana;
  2. Facilitate the exchange of information and ideas related to the practice of taxation;
  3. Conduct and provide for the conduct of qualifying examinations for membership of the Institute and prescribe and approve courses of study for the examinations;
  4. Evaluate and approve the curricula and certificates of other professional organisations considered by the Institute to be of equivalent status with the Institute;
  5. Keep, maintain, and publish a register of Chartered Tax Practitioners and Tax Practitioners;
  6. Determine the standard of knowledge and skills to be attained by Persons seeking to practice taxation in the country;
  7. Strike off from the register of Chartered Tax Practitioners and Tax Practitioners, the name of a member for stated misconduct, incompetence or for other justifiable reasons upon recommendation of the Disciplinary Committee;
  8. Prescribe and maintain professional standards and educate members on the methods and practices necessary to maintain professional standards and also ensure that the professional standards are maintained by members of the Institute;
  9. Organise continuous professional development courses for members of the Institute as a condition precedent for the renewal of the practicing certificate of members of the Institute;
  10. Establish and maintain a library of books and periodicals on taxation and related subjects;
  11. Encourage research in the subject and practice of taxation generally to secure the well-being and advancement of the tax profession,
  12. Encourage members to publish books on taxation related subjects; and
  13. Perform any other functions that are ancillary to the objects of the Institute.